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After Hours Corporate Events

ALL events held in the common areas of the building complex must be booked through one of the caterers listed below:

Big Kahuna, 404-343-0409

Morton’s The Steakhouse, 404-577-4366

Pacific Rim Bistro, 404-376-6037

Event Venues:

SunTrust Plaza Lower Lobby, PCA Courtyard (Daytime/Tenant functions only) and the Garden Offices Atrium Lobby.

*All Tenants are entitled to 1 FREE venue fee per year. Please note this does not include cleaning, security or air conditioning.


  • All events must be coordinated through Big Kahuna, Morton’s or Pacific Rim. Outside vendors are not allowed.

  • All events are considered “Tentative” until a signed agreement, deposit and venue fee is received.

  • Events taking place Monday-Friday must not begin before 5:30pm.
    All events must conclude by 12 midnight.

  • Events in the Lower Lobby and Atrium Lobby must not exceed 500 persons