After Hours Corporate Events
ALL events held in the common areas of the building complex must be booked through one of the caterers listed below:

Big Kahuna, 404-343-0409

Morton’s The Steakhouse, 404-577-4366

Pacific Rim Bistro, 404-376-6037

Event Venues:

SunTrust Plaza Lower Lobby, PCA Courtyard (Daytime/Tenant functions only) and the Garden Offices Atrium Lobby.

*All Tenants are entitled to 1 FREE venue fee per year. Please note this does not include cleaning, security or air conditioning.


All events must be coordinated through Big Kahuna, Morton’s or Pacific Rim. Outside vendors are not allowed.

All events are considered “Tentative” until a signed agreement, deposit and venue fee is received.

Events taking place Monday-Friday must not begin before 5:30pm.
All events must conclude by 12 midnight.

Events in the Lower Lobby and Atrium Lobby must not exceed 500 persons