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Sustainably Smart Recycling

Please encourage your co-workers to participate in the Recycling Made Easy program by disposing of any food or waste in the break room. You can also encourage your team mates to recycle paper, rinsed plastic, aluminum, or glass in his or her desk-side receptacles. If you have questions about what can or cannot be recycled, please visit our Recycling Made Easy Program or contact

Through our recycling program, SunTrust Plaza and Garden Offices diverted 102 tons of recyclable material and 623.50 tons of waste from landfills in 2015.

SunTrust teammates are to adhere to the Bank’s Information Security Policy regarding the disposal of all sensitive documents and electronic devices. 

Key Recycling Ideas for You:

Did you know that you can recycle your keyboards, printers, monitors, computers on site? Electronic recycling bins are located on the loading dock near the recycling compactor. Also, before throwing your used electronic in a waste bin, consider donating it to a local school or charity.

Many battery providers, such as Batteries Plus, will recycle your batteries at no additional charge. Lithium batteries and batteries over 9 volts should be taped before recycling to prevent fire hazards.

Many companies will actually pay you to send them your empty toner cartridges! You can also take your used cartridges to Staples and get $2 towards Staple rewards!

The engineers at SunTrust Plaza and Garden Offices work diligently to crush and recycle fluorescent lightbulbs, diverting them from landfills.

Key Resources for Your Convenience:
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• SunTrust Plaza Recycling Made Easy Program
Electronic Recycling
Georgia Recycles
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